Saturday, July 12, 2008

Finish work

The artisans that created the statue worked throughout the night to complete the project for today's loading onto the flatbed. Some looked desperate for sleep this morning. Some were wearing the same clothes as yesterday. They ground, stained and polished bronze continuously through the wee hours while the rest of us slept and toured Mexico City.
Grinding the stars to reveal the glow of the bronze.

Daniel Zeferino cleans up the statue.

Working on the final shine.

Aurelio Zuñiga sprays a protective finish on the statue.

The base of the statue is adorned with the names of the creators.

Manuel Martinez seen through the rays of the sun around the statue.

Daniel Zeferino, left, and Jorge Zuñiga clean the base.

Agustin Zuñiga grinds bronze to bring out the shine.

The artisans work furiously to complete the project.

Daniel Zeferino's reflection is seen in the shine of the sun rays.

Artisans at work

Daniel Zeferino cleans the statue's face.

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