Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Pilgrims to Evangelists

After witnessing the huge crowd that gathered on a sunny and hot Tuesday at noon, Bishop Héctor González Martínez said to the Monsignor, Priest and Deacons accompanying the group, "You came here as pilgrims but what you have become is evangelists."

Immediately after the visit to Durango and its cathedral some of the Santa Fe pilgrims were somewhat overwhelmed with the devotion they saw. "We thought we were going to pick up a statue and ask for blessings but this has grown. It now has a life of its own," said Deacon Anthony Trujillo after witnessing the huge crowds that came out to see the statue in Durango.

White doves fly from the Cathedral tower.

The line of faithful stretches down the block.

People leave money, cards, flowers and rosaries on the statue.

Maria de la Rosa Perez, whose 5 year-old child has lukemia, is hugged by her mother Maria Luisa Perez after touching the statue of La Virgen. Maria, who was on her way to the store to get medicine for her sick child saw the statue and called her mother. Her mom quickly came and they both visited the statue. Maria broke down crying after touching the statue. She said her devotion to La Virgen is making her child better.

A man kisses the statue.

People touch the statue.

Women watch as the statue is wrapped up.

Fatima Roasario Puente Rodriguez, who is almost completely blind, was determined to see the face of the statue of Nuestra Señora. Fatima climbed atop the truck after the statue was wrapped with bubble wrap. The workers from Transportes Mora removed the plastic from the face and Fatima used a cell phone to take a photo of the exposed face. She then held the image on the screen of the phone close to her one working eye where she saw a faint image of the face of Mary. Many in the crowd cried when the young girl did this.

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