Monday, July 21, 2008

Memorable moments from the journey

The actual image of Nuesta Señora de Guadalupe high above the altar in the Basilica

Santa Fe pilgrim Gail Delgado sees the statue for the first time.

Workers clean the statue with water.

Artisan Agustin Zuñiga applies patina to the bronze.

Artisan Daniel Zeferino, left, helps remove scaffolding from around the statue.

From left, Alicia Pino, Theresa Ortiz and Erlinda Casados see the statue for the first time.

A worker grinds the statue to reveal the shiny bronze under the patina.

Stars and rays

Agustin Zuñiga performs detail work on the statue.

Artisan Manuel Martinez polishes the statue.

Artisan Daniel Zeferino cleans the statue after finish work was completed.

Chains and straps are readied to move the 4,000 pound statue.

The statue is lowered by workers from Transportes Mora.

The statue is lowered parallel with the ground.

Ricardo Herrera Morales pulls a line to lower the statue into her crate.

Rev. Tien-Tri Nguyen, pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Santa Fe, watches as the last cover of foam is placed over the statue's face.

The statue is removed from the foundry and loaded onto the truck.

People watch the loading operation.

Young military cadets parade around the Zócalo.

Military cadets perform pushups.

Mexican soldiers raise the flag in the Zócalo, Mexico's main square.

Rose petals lead the way to the Basilica of Guadalupe.

The plaza in front of the Basilica at first light.

Flowers to be placed in the Basilica.

A woman makes her way to the Basilica on her knees, a form of devotion to Our Lady.

The enterance to the Basilica

A boy chases pigeons in the square in front of the Basilica.

A man makes the sign of the cross after seeing the statue of La Virgen unveiled at the Basilica.

Pilgrims Gilbert and Alicia Pino hold flowers as the statue is unveiled at the Basilica.

The group from Santa Fe lines up, ready to enter the Basilica.

From left, clockwise, Mannie Montoya, Gary Delgado, Gail Delgado, Albino Zuniga and Diane Alvarado, all of Santa Fe, watch as the statue is unveiled at the Basilica.

The group from Santa Fe is welcomed to the Basilica.

The Mass

Monsignor Diego Monroy Ponce during Mass

The Basilica is full with nearly 5,000 worshipers.

The crowd in the Basilica

Monsignor Diego Monroy Ponce blesses the statue in front of the Basilica.

Mexican news media record the event. The journey of the statue captured the attention of the entire country of Mexico.

A woman reaches to touch the statue.

A man holds his own version on the image during the blessing.

The group sets off toward Zacatecas.

Beatrice Domínguez, left, and Father Tri throw up their arms during a song while in the bus.

The statue at first light in front of the Cathedral of Zacatecas

Bishop Fernando Mario Chavez Ruvalcaba welcomes the peregrinos from Santa Fe to the Cathedral of Zacatecas.

Diego Hernandez hoists his friend Miguel Soto so he can capture a photo of the face of Nuestra Señora.

The Cathedral of Zacatecas.

Heriberto Diaz Flores, the keeper of the belltower at the Cathedral in Zacatecas, looks at the crowd and the statue over 100 feet below on the street in front of the Cathedral.

Santa Fean and Mexico native Fabian Garcia prays during the Mass in Zacatecas.

Pilgrim Gilbert Pino kisses the statue.

The town of Zacatecas is constructed in an old world style with narrow streets and alley, elaborate stonework and a colorful palette.

The courtyard of the shrine dedicated to Santo Niño de Atocha in Plateros is covered with articles related to miracles attributed to Santo Niño.

The statue of Santo Niño in Plateros

A man kisses the statue after she is unveiled in Durango.

Hueva Hernandez, left, holds a tin can while begging next to the statue. Many of the thousands that came to see the statue in Durango dropped coins in his can. He was befriended by Santa Fe pilgrim Mannie Montoya whom Hernandez the beggar gave a silver ring.

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