Monday, July 21, 2008


It is said that the porous border to our south is easy to cross for immigrants, smugglers and drug traffickers. But apparently that same border is not easy to cross for a 12 foot-tall, 4,000 pound statue of Nuesta Señora de Guadalupe and the man accompanying her.

After being sent to warehouse number 1 on Pandel Street in El Paso - a broker's warehouse - the statue was apparently released to U.S. shipping company FedEx. But FedEx cannot find Nuestra Señora. The shipping giant says that the tracking number provided by the Mexican shipping and logistics company is nonexistent. And FedEx said that until a driver turns in paperwork at a local office that tracking number cannot be used. The problem is that no one has filed paperwork and nobody within FedEx has any idea where the giant statue is. And the man charged with taking her to Santa Fe, Bernardo Peña Silva of Mexico, who took great care of the statue in his country, was not allowed to cross the border to accompany La Virgen.

"I just spent an hour in the blessed sacrament chapel praying. It will all turn out OK. We just don't know when," said Deacon Anthony Trujillo after explaining the complex situation.

If you care to try for yourself here is the tracking number provided to Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Santa Fe: 115551665-5

And here is where you can track it:

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