Monday, July 14, 2008

She draws crowds

A pattern is developing with the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. When the truck carrying her pulls up and the plastic coverings are removed the street stops. People freeze and look in awe at the towering bronze statue. Those driving past make the Sign of the Cross. A crowd of curious locals slowly forms. People walk up to the statue and someone touches it. Then many more people begin touching it, kissing it and praying next to the statue. Some of the people even climb atop the flatbed to kiss the statue and touch her face. Eventually news crews come out, important townspeople stop to talk to the group and the group is honored by local high-ranking church officials.

The statue brings out locals of all sorts: Fancy men wearing suits, poor women with wrinkled hands, children carrying soccer balls and recently deported young men, excited to talk to Americans that have respect for Mexico and her cultura.

A man touches the crate carrying Our Lady.

A local man, recently deported from the U.S. looks at the statue.

A crowd gathers.

Guadalupe pilgrim Gilbert Pino of Santa Fe kisses the statue.

Local women pray.

A crowd gathers.

A line forms.

A young local girl looks at the statue.

Miguel Soto of Zacatecas is hoisted by his friend Diego Hernandez to get a better view of Our Lady.

People touch the statue.

A truck driver makes the Sign of the Cross while passing.

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