Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thousands of faithful

The pilgrims from Santa Fe knew this visit was going to be different as soon as they arrived in the Plaza. Some in the group were approached by locals and were asked if they were traveling with the statue of La Virgen. Apparently the word of the journey is spreading across the country of Mexico. One of the signs that this visit was different was literally a sign. On the window of a bus driving through town were the words "Santa Fe Virgen," advertised as a destination in the bus' route. The statue definitely became a destination as thousands turned out to see her and attend a noon Mass on a Tuesday.

The travelers from Northern New Mexico took on roles helping control the crowd and helping las viejitas, the children and the men up the ramp to touch, kiss and pray to the Patron Saint of the Americas.
Bishop Héctor González Martínez blesses the statue as people crowd around the truck and statue.

Locals take photos of the statue.

Faithful walk up the ramp of the truck to kiss and touch the statue.

Enrique Martinez Romero from Transportes Mora helps guide vistors up the ramp.

Monsignor Jerome Martinez y Alire is interviewed by TV Azteca, the Mexican version of CNN.

Bishop González Martínez blesses the statue.

The line to touch the statue stretched down the street and around the block at one point.

A bus advertises the "Santa Fe Virgen" as one of the stops on its route.

The crowd in front of the Cathedral.

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