Sunday, July 13, 2008

Highway from Mexico City to Zacatecas

Send off

Workers kiss the statue as they secure it onto the truck for the trip to Zacatecas. A mariachi band played as the statue was driven away toward its next destination.

Behind this door... the Tilma, the cloth upon which is the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Secured behind this vault door the Tilma can be rotated around from its display spot above the altar for cleaning.

Special guests

After Monseñor Diego Monroy Ponce blessed the statue the group form Santa Fe was treated to a breakfast in the tower behind the altar of the Basilica of Guadalupe. The artist, Gogy, was present as were numerous church officials and even some Mexican congressmen. The honor is something usually reserved for church leaders and political leaders. Just days prior the Monseñor hosted U.S. Presidential candidate John McCain and Jeb Bush, brother of the U.S. president.
The Santa Fe pilgrims ascent a circular staircase in the tower of the Basilica.

Monseñor Diego Monroy Ponce, top, left, speaks with the artist Gogy and other Mexican dignitaries.

Monsignor Jerome Martinez y Alire of the St. Francis Cathedral and Father Tri from Our Lady of Guadalupe are interviewed by a Mexican television station.


Many women and men that came to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe wanted to reach out and touch the statue. Many cried, many prayed and some made their way through the throngs of people outside the Basilica to lay a hand on the statue.

Blessing by Monseñor Diego Monroy Ponce

The Mass

The Basilica was packed with a crowd of 5,000 people. People were spilling outside this morning for the 9 a.m. Sunday mass. There were 26 priests and 6 deacons on the altar for the mass, including Father Tri from Our Lady of Guadalupe in Santa Fe and Monsignor Jerome Martinez y Alire from St. Francis Cathedral in Santa Fe. Deacon Anthony Trujillo, Deacon Gilbert Valdez and Deacon George Rodriguez of Tucson were also on the altar for the celebration.


"Bienvenidos a la Basilica de Nuestra Señora"

Preparing for mass at the Basilica and the blessing